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About Us

Welcome to a new initiative led by Habitat for Humanity Okanagan.

What is UP?

The term of UP is a new distinctive brand used by Habitat for Humanity Okanagan focusing on products which have been reimagined in an environmentally sound fashion through various methods of upcycling. Resale items are produced using products which are diverted from local landfills or by increasing the current value of a product through refinishing or repurposing.

The UP Project in Kelowna will be manufacturing a line of home décor items in mass quantities and will change items through the different seasons and holidays. As well as offering custom builds of tables, doors, etc.

Social media and creative blogging dedicated to crafting, imagination and upcycling are some of the fastest growth sectors currently active. These platforms allow users to share and promote products made in unique ways or with special content. Such is the basis for UP uniquely urban.

The Habitat ReStore program is an excellent starting point for do-it-yourself crafters who have found projects they wish to pursue. Often, this is where the idea ceases to be a reality for many people as they do not hold the skills or have the time to produce products or execute their ideas. UP sidesteps the do-it-yourself role and places high profile products in front of the consumer for easy one-step purchasing.