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Once you DIY, new you’ll never buy!

Are Books Recyclable?

We thought so… but to our surprise, they’re not.

Books, books, and more books.

The conversation came about at our Launch Party. Lisa Marie from The Real Deal and I started chatting about how books are not recyclable and they are “stacking up” in the landfills. It was almost hard to believe that this was possible so this week we stopped by¬† Planet Earth Recycling in West Kelowna to find out!

Trip to Planet Earth Recycling.

Rio from Planet Earth Recycling took us on a tour of the facility to show up the process. It was an eye-opener on how many books get discarded and it got our wheels turning on how to repurpose books that would be going to the landfill, so we ventured back to the shop full of ideas.

What Can We Do?

Larry, one of our amazing volunteers loves a good puzzle project came up with the idea to start a book chair, “book shelf”, book lamp and a book coffee table (in the works).

We would love to start a movement by getting the Chapters chains or major book stores and libraries to buy our pieces. By doing so you are supporting Habitat for Humanity Okanagan and making a positive impact on the environment.

We would love to hear your ideas on how to repurpose books so they don’t end up going to the landfill! Contact us at




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