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Once you DIY, new you’ll never buy!





As of Saturday, March 21st at 5pm, Habitat for Humanity Okanagan will be suspending operations of The Up Project to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

Click here for more details.



Why Volunteer at UP?

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Have you ever thought of volunteering?

Volunteering with The Up Project is a rich and meaningful experience. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with others who share similar values and to give back to the community in a way that directly impacts local families. There is...


Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight for the month of November is Emily Pilon!

How long have you been with Habitat? 

Since April 2019

Why did you start volunteering at Habitat?

I fell in love with the Up Project as soon as I found out about it. I was following the UP Facebook page and saw a post looking...


Are Books Recyclable?

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Custom pieces

At UP, we love the chance to create new items from scratch and we have had the opportunity to assist a few businesses within the last year. We especially like when we can ReUse materials!

Check out these unbelievable tables that we are created for Mazda. We ReUsed wine barrels and barn board to create one of...


Round Pedestal Table

Check out our step by step on how we built this beautiful table for 3 Seconds to Impress.

First things first! We used a rough cut fir beam to make the table base.

Then we planed it down, got our angles and put this cool unique table base together. We used an existing...


How to turn a knitting/sewing box into the ultimate chip storage.

We had a customer come to us looking to surprise her husband with a custom made piece to store his potato chips. They're his favorite. After discussing options Lisa-Marie remembered this perfect piece that we had received from the ReStore that used to be used for knitting/sewing. It was ideal because of the dual opening tops. It could...


DIY Flower Planter Chair Tutorial

This gorgeous front door planter started as a very old, and very useless chair. With a little TLC this chair was given a completely new look.

White Flower Pot Chair

Step 1: Build the flower box!

Note: if your chair does not have a large hole in the top, cutting...


The Up Project on Global

We are so grateful that Global News Okanagan came by to highlight The Up Project! Check out this clip to learn how you can get involved.




How Many Volunteer Hours Does It Take To Build a Habitat Home?

How many volunteer hours does it take to build a Habitat home?

The answer is 600 hours!

The team has built this clever display to showcase how many hours each volunteer has put in! The next step is creating name tags to track progress!

If you are creative, love hands on work, or have photography and marketing skills click here to learn more about...