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DIY Flower Planter Chair Tutorial

DIY Flower Planter Chair Tutorial

This gorgeous front door planter started as a very old, and very useless chair. With a little TLC this chair was given a completely new look.

White Flower Pot Chair

Step 1: Build the flower box!

Note: if your chair does not have a large hole in the top, cutting out a squarish hole is your first step. Lucky for me, I got to skip straight to building the box.

Flip the chair upside down on your working space and measure the length for the four wooden sides of the box. I used a chop saw (Mitre saw) to cut the wood to size and a Kreg Jig Press to carve holes in the wood where the screws will be drilled. Drill each piece to the underside of the chair.

Emily Pilon building a flower pot chair

Note: do not worry about perfection here, drainage holes are needed for the flowers so the box doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned, a few extra cracks and holes might actually be helpful!

Emily Pilon drilling flower pot chair box Flower Pot Chair Box

After the four sides are attached, measure and cut additional pieces of wood to cover the bottom of the box. Once attached, drill holes in the bottom of the box to allow water to drain out.

Flower Pot Chair Drainage Holes

Step 2: Sand and wash!

Use an orbital sander or sandpaper to smooth imperfections and remove any finish on the wood. Once sanded, take a damp rag and wipe down all surfaces that you wish to paint. Wait for the wood to dry before beginning to paint.

Sanding the flower pot chair Washing the flower pot chair

Step 3: Time for paint!

I used a white chalk paint to cover all surface areas of the chair. Apply one coat of your chosen paint. Note: using rough brush strokes of chalk paint helps add to the rustic, textured look.

White chalk paint Flower pot chair painted with white chalk paint

Step 4: Add texture!

Once the paint is dry, use sandpaper to distress the paint and give it a rustic, worn texture. I like to focus sanding on corners and edges.

Sanding the flower pot chair Sanded edge

Step 5: Customize!

I chose to paint “Welcome” in dark grey letters on the front of the chair. I used a Cricut Air Explore to create a stencil, and a small makeup sponge to apply the paint. Ever so gently, I sanded over the letters to give them a worn texture as well.

Welcome sign on chair

Step 6: Finish with wax!

Apply one layer of wax with a small rag to all surfaces. Note: if your chair won’t be in a covered area consider using a more durable, protective finish.

Flower pot chair finishing wax

Step 7: Ta-da!

The final step is to buy your favourite flowers and put them on display!

White Flower Pot Chair
White Flower Pot Chair

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to take on your own creative endeavour! If you’re curious, check out my website,, to find stories about how I take thrifted and free items, and transform them into beautiful home decor that matches my style!


Until the next project,

Emily Pilon



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