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Once you DIY, new you’ll never buy!

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight for the month of November is Emily Pilon!

How long have you been with Habitat? 

Since April 2019

Why did you start volunteering at Habitat?

I fell in love with the Up Project as soon as I found out about it. I was following the UP Facebook page and saw a post looking for volunteers with digital marketing and painting/building experience, two of my favourite things to do. Why wouldn’t I want to sign up to help my community by being creative and building my marketing portfolio.

What do you do as a volunteer?  What is meaningful about your volunteer contribution?

My volunteer work includes updating website design and content, creating and posting social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, and website product photography and posts. The construction side of my volunteer work includes sanding, painting, re-finishing, and designing new products from re-purposed materials.

All the work that I do at the Up Project feels meaningful and exciting! The tasks are fun, creative, and help me develop new skills. I gain experience in digital marketing, create hand-made décor and up-cycled furniture, and best of all; I know that the time I put in is contributing to the overall goal of helping families access homes.


One of my recent projects at the Up Project was designing a proto-type for a set of three wooden Christmas trees. In one day, I built and sketched the measurements for the set of trees. When I was back the following week, the Up Project was filled with the cut and sanded pieces for hundreds of trees. Luckily, my sketch was accurate because that could have been a disaster! It was really exciting to help from start to finish on the Christmas tree décor that is currently being sold and generating profit for Habitat for Humanity!

Thank you for everything you do for The Up Project and Habitat for Humanity Okanagan!



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